Article 5: 10-8; Marshall Simonds Bathroom Renovation

 Student & Faculty Bathroom Renovations at Marshall Simonds

$ 85,000

This article will fund the renovations of eight student and faculty bathrooms continuing the program started last year. In year one of this program, four student bathrooms were renovated (Pictured Below) located in main corridors “A” & “B”. This warrant will continue the program by renovating the bathrooms adjacent to the Auditorium area (2), Café Area (4) and the Gym area (2).

This project will complete all areas with the exception of the locker rooms. The existing bathroom facilities are original 1962 installations and as such are now well beyond their life expectancy. The plan is to replace floor and wall materials with new tile, replace existing plumbing fixtures and traps with new, replace existing stall partitions with new, install new acoustical ceilings and lighting where permissible and paint.  

Trade    Estimate  Contractor
Plumbing    $      21,676.00 Gedick Bros Plumbing
Electrical    $        2,895.00 Shimmell Electric
Masonary / Tile    $      31,630.00 Watson Masonary
Acoustical Ceilings    $        3,000.00 Cheviot Corp.
Carpentry / Demolition    $      11,000.00 Millcreek Construction
Partitions    $      14,750.00 Star Sales
  Total   $      84,951.00  
Phase 1 Bathroom Renovations

Phase 1 Bathroom Renovations


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