Article 32: Child Care Facility

 Burlington School Department Day Care Facility 

$ 167,500

 Purpose:  To fund the renovations / alterations of the existing boys locker room at Francis Wyman Elementary for the creation of a Burlington School Department Day Care Facility.  The existing locker room currently is not being utilized.  The plan will be to renovate the approximately 3000 square feet in to a  2000 square foot Day Care Facility and 1000 square foot dry storage  for school use.

Background: In the fall of 2008 a group of Burlington teachers approached the Administration with an idea of creating a day care facility for school department employees.  The rationale behind this request being that as the demographic makeup of the faculty changes to a younger group of professionals, a work-site child care facility will allow these employees to return more quickly from extended leaves.  In addition, a work-site child care program with help to attract and retain high quality teachers and other workers to the Burlington School Department. A similar approach has been successful at Shawsheen Technical High School.

The group conducted an initial survey as to the viability of this program and the interest form existing faculty members. The response warranted further investigation into design, construction cost and State of Massachusetts licensing for this type of facility.  From this initial request “Sprouts Daycare” emerged. Preliminary construction drawings and estimates were obtained and the group of teachers and administrators finalized licensing requirements. 

The Teachers further surveyed and created a preliminary enrollment list and program budget for FY 2010. The revenues from tuitions to the program fully fund the operating cost of the program so there is no cost to the School’s operating budget. Preliminary cost estimates for construction are shown below. The funding source for the project will be a one-time credit reimbursement from LABBB.  Based upon this funding source there is no impact to the Operating Budget or the Capital Request Budget.

Please refer to a prior posts for more detailed background information on the Sprouts Daycare Program:

Trade    Estimate  Contractor
Demolition    $            4,200.00 Miller Construction / Disposal
Plumbing    $          26,098.00 Gedick Bros. Plumbing
Electrical    $          18,000.00 Shimmell Electric
HVAC    $            7,450.00 Cranney HVAC
Masonry / Tile    $          16,450.00 Watson Masonry
Acoustical Ceilings    $            6,423.00 Cheviot Construction
Flooring / Carpet    $          13,500.00 J & B Flooring
Sprinkler    $            8,800.00 Lynco Corp
Carpentry    $          55,000.00 Millcreek Construction
Fire Alarm    $            2,500.00 North Shore Fire Protection
Painting    $            3,275.90 Allowance
Contingency     $            5,800.00  
  Total  $        167,496.90  

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