Article 26: BHS Elevator Design

 Burlington High School Elevator Design

$ 72,000  

 Purpose:   To fund the design, engineering requirements and construction documents for an additional elevator at Burlington High School. The existing facility currently has three elevators servicing the academic areas from the ground floor to the Upper “A”, Upper Middle and Upper “B” wings. 

Currently there is no elevator from the ground level to the Athletic / Gym level.  The only access to this level is via  two sets of stairs located at the ends of  Streets one and two. This accessibility limits persons with disabilities from the Athletic / Gym area from inside the building and requires access by exiting the building and proceeding around the facility to an exterior entrance to the Athletic / Gym Area.  This funding will allow for an engineering study so as to best determine the location of the new elevator and completion of drawings and specifications for bidding. 

The cost of this article may be reduced by funding provided by the Disability Access Commission by $20,00.  Since the original posting I became aware of a video produced by Burlington’s Dsability Access Commission (DAC).  The video can be seen at

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