Article 5: 10-7; BHS Fitness Classroom Renovation

 Burlington High School Fitness Room Renovations 

$ 68,200

Purpose: to fund renovations / alterations of the existing weight room and paddle ball court to create a Burlington High School fitness Center. Warrant covers only construction cost. Cost for additional / new equipment we completed by grants and or donations.

It has been proposed that the current weight room at Burlington High School be renovated into a fitness center.  This renovation would benefit the entire student body of Burlington High School along with faculty and staff throughout the building. On a typical school day the room is used 4-5 periods a day by a physical education class.  This obviously changes with the weather.  During the fall months, the senior wellness classes use the space two of their four class periods per week.  Currently the space does not support teaching and is hard to supervise.  The existing rooms make it difficult to give instruction because of the echoing and large under utilized floor plan. 

The current facility is outdated and does not fit the needs of the student population.  As part of the physical education curriculum students are instructed in proper techniques for weight lifting and using equipment.  This piece of their education does not translate into the real world because our equipment is so out of date.  A typical physical education class has approximately 28 students enrolled; there is not enough safe equipment to keep each student working during class periods. 

Keeping class size in mind it is impossible for each student to get an adequate cardio-vascular workout during his or her physical education class.  There are only three working pieces of cardio-vascular equipment.  This makes it impossible to execute the quality education that we as a health and physical education department aim to deliver

Trade    Estimate  Contractor
Plumbing    None   
Electrical    $22,000.00 Shimmell Electric
Masonary / Tile    $ 2,500.00 Watson Masonary
Demolition    Inc. Carpentry   
Acoustical Ceilings    $11,380.20 Cheviot Construction
Carpentry    $24,250.00 Millcreek Construction
VCT / Carpet    $ 1,200.00 J & B Flooring
Misc Metals / Glass    $ 2,670.00  
Sound Proofing    $ 4,200.00  
   Total  $68,200.20  

The Physical Education Department at Burlington High School is actively raising money to equip the updated classroom space with equipment.  The article is only providing the classroom renovations.

Please link to the Burlington High School blog for a video tour of both the locker room and the potential fitness room –

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