Article 5: 10-6, High School Locker Renovations

Burlington High School Locker Room Renovations

$ 40,000

Purpose: To fund improvements and repairs to the Locker room area at Burlington High School. The existing lockers are original installation from 1972 and require extensive repair and refurbishing. The scope of this project entails repairs and electrostatic painting of the remaining lockers in the boy’s area, install new lighting and suspended ceiling and make necessary plumbing repairs to the shower areas. 

Trade    Estimate  Contractor
Plumbing    $                 4,500.00 Gedick Bros. Plumbing
Electrical    $               25,000.00 Shimmell Electric
Masonry / Tile    $                 1,000.00 Watson Masonry
Demolition    $                 2,000.00 Miller Construction
Acoustical Ceilings    $               33,240.00 Cheviot Construction
Carpentry    $                 2,600.00 Millcreek Construction
Locker Repairs    $               10,498.00 J, Sallese & Sons
Painting Lockers    $                 8,000.00 Jet Electro Refinishing
Painting     $                 4,800.00 Allowance
  Total  $               91,638.00  

The $91,638 was reduced as part of the school district’s efforts to work with the town to meet capital expenditure guidelines.  We are attempting to phase in the renovations.  The primary reduction was to delay the acoustical ceiling work. Please link to the Burlington High School blog for a video tour of the locker room at .

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