Boys and Girls Club of Woburn


I was recently invited to tour the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn.   I grew up using the Arlington Boys and Girls Club and was interested to see another facility.  The Woburn club is only about 4 miles from Burlington High School.  The facilities and programs that I observed were great.  The Director indicated that there are over 300 Burlington children who are members and participate regularly.  She also mentioned that while technically located in Woburn, the Boys and Girls Club serves many communities including Burlington.  What an incredible local  resource.

Carla Beaudoin, Development Director
Carla Beaudoin, Development Director

The facility includes a library, computer, and classroom area as well as the more traditional game/gathering room.


Teens have a special space that they helped to design themselves.  It includes an indoor “street” where they can hang out without being asked to leave, a black box theater, and a 50’s style diner.  Teenagers work the diner and sell some basic food items.

Indoor Street
Indoor Street
Black Box Theater

Black Box Theater



Thank you to Carla and the rest of the staff for introducing me to such a great local resource for kids.

One thought on “Boys and Girls Club of Woburn

  1. Janet Coppola

    Hi, I’d like to also thank the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn for doing such a great job with many of our school children who need help with swimming! As the school physical therapist, I have been referring many of our burlington families to this facility for suplemental activities and especially for swimming lessons/open swims. I always receive excellent feedback about the Woburn Boys and Girls club!!!


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