Fox Hill Paving Update


Town Meeting approved a $60,000 warrant for paving at Fox Hill School.  The initial plan was to use the funds to pave the access road.  With the addition of the portable classrooms; however, the Planning Board did not want to increase the area of impervious surface.  In other words, site plan approval for the portables was with the condition of leaving the access road unpaved. The warrant for paving will now focus on the playground area and the parking lot. 

The process is that the town is in the midst of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for town-wide paving projects.  The school district will collaborate with the town on this RFP to get the best price on black-top.  The final amount of paving will ultimately depend on the price per ton.

The work will be scheduled as soon as the town-wide RFP process is complete and the areas at Fox Hill can be worked on safely.  We are planning on completing the work sometime before the end of school.  It may be easiest to work on the parking lot after school is out for the summer.

One thought on “Fox Hill Paving Update

  1. Anisha Shaikh

    The children and parents of Fox Hill are thankful that something will finally be done at our school. It has been a hazard waiting to happen, and the children of Fox Hill deserve better. Thanks for thinking of their safety. The PTO board would also like to thank Wally Zenkin in helping us bring this issue forward


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