Kindergarten Museum at Francis Wyman


Who needs the MFA.  We have our own museum of fine arts right here at Burlington’s Francis Wyman School.  The student art on display was spectacular – well worth the price of admission.  Thank you to the kindergarten team at Francis Wyman.






The Nile River
The Nile River
The Nile Continued
The Nile Continued


One thought on “Kindergarten Museum at Francis Wyman

  1. Kim Cook

    Thanks to the generousity of our museum visitors, the Francis Wyman Kindergarten was able to make a $32 donation to Pennies for Patients with the proceeds from this annual event. (Admission is 1 penny) A special thanks to everyone who came out to support both our artists and this wonderful cause. Hats off to Dr. Conti who waited patiently at the very end of a loooong line of parents on a cold morning. We appreciate your support.

    Kim Cook, Francis Wyman Kindergarten


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