Memorial 3rd Graders Skype with Amici a Roma


For the past two years, 3rd graders at Memorial School have been writing to penpals in Daniella Dabbene’s third grade classroom in Rome, Italy. Organized by Burlington Italian teachers Mary Guerriero and Rita Abela, students on both sides of the Atlantic have had the opportunity to improve their World Language Skills by writing to their trans-Atlantic friends. Now, with the help of technology integration specialist Paula Weldon, the boys and girls have the opportunity to ‘chat’ with their long-distance friends “face to face” via a world-wide web communication service known as Skype.



During the last Skyping session, students from Rome shared their Carnevale costumes. They make costumes in school based upon something they are studying in their curriculum. This year they were dressed as dinosaurs. They also showed the costumes of a second grade class that was studying the sea. Children were dressed as mermaids and other sea creatures. The fourth grade students are studying the jungle, so they were dressed as lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. In addition to wearing costumes, the students must describe the characteristics and habitats of the costumes represented. Burlington students had made Carnevale masks and each greeted the Roman counterparts wearing their masks.



At the next Skyping session, Burlington students will be demonstrating some math activities to their friends in Rome.

We are also planning to make a video of “A Day in the Life of the Third Grade at Memorial School” and send it off to our friends in Rome.



3 thoughts on “Memorial 3rd Graders Skype with Amici a Roma

  1. Josh P. Murphy

    AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to get these 3rd graders into my Computer Science classes at the High School!

  2. john papadonis

    Thanks for the interesting link. This is something I will share with some of my fellow science educators. Very exciting to think that this is new version of the Old Ham Radio! We’ve come a very long way in a very short time!


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