Great News from Mr. Connors at MSMS

Robert Davison a grade 8 student at M.S.M.S. was one of only 29 students whose piece of work was selected as a Gold Key Winner. Several hundred high school and middle school boys and girls submitted artistic impressions. Take a minute, and look at Laura Phillips Blog. I think you’ll be very impressed.

 Untitled, by Robert DavisonBobby Davison Painting Gold Key

“Dear Students and Teachers:

On behalf of Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, I congratulate eachof you on your impressive talent and achievement in the arts. TheExecutive Office of Transportation would like to honor you bydisplaying your specially selected artwork in the Board Rooms of theMBTA and the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, where they will beviewed by staff and important visitors from across the Commonwealth and beyond.

We plan to also hold a reception for students, their families, teachersand legislative representatives later in the month, with details to be announced soon. Student artwork will be available to be reclaimed atthe reception, or, if neither the student nor teacher is able to attend, we will return the artwork directly to the student’s school. All artwork will be returned no later than the first week of April. All of us here have thoroughly enjoyed your spectacular works of art and wish each of you continued success in your future pursuits.


Karen Charles

Chief of Staff

Executive Office of Transportation”

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