DARE Graduation Week


There is no greater resource in Burlington than children.  I continue to be impressed with how well they treat each other.  This behavior is obviously modeled and expected at home and in our classrooms.  I also believe that conversations and lessons like those stressed in the DARE curriculum help. 


Every DARE graduation was special.  The photos are from Fox Hill because the pictures came out the clearest.  Thank you to Burlington Police Department for all that they provide to our schools.  The Police are an important partner in our district’s mission.

One thought on “DARE Graduation Week

  1. Steve Tremblay

    As parents, we all struggle sometimes with kids not treating each other well. It is nice to have the DARE program as a basis when talking about these issues with our children. It immediately shifts their attention from “this is just my dad rambling again” to “this is pretty important stuff”. While I missed some of the graduation while chasing my younger kids around, my first grader sat attentively through it and can’t wait for her day to come.

    Thanks to everyone that helps with this program in our town, especially the Burlington Police Department.


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