New Memorial Project Blog


For the latest information on the design and progress of the new Memorial School, please visit the New Memorial Blog.  We are posting Building Committee agendas and minutes as well as copies of the handouts from the design team.  Kevin Buckley, at KBA Architects, is also providing animated views of his design drafts.

Please comment.  Your comments will be forwarded to the Building Committee and to the design team.

One thought on “New Memorial Project Blog

  1. john papadonis

    Hi Kevin,
    From a Science Ed. perspective/ re: the New Memorial:
    – at least one (two even better) sink(s)in all k-5 classrooms.
    – built in perimeter counter tops for display of science materials.
    – counter tops along the window area for growing plants or experiments requiring exposure to sunlight.
    -plenty of electrical outlets for fish tanks and animal heat lamps
    -it would also be nice to have a space on the wall for hanging pocket charts in which teachers can easily display unit vocabulary.
    Thanks for listening!
    John Papadonis


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