Guest Post: Dr. Estep

I am writing to thank [everyone] for the time that you spent to ensure that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)’s program review of Special Education, English Language Learners and Civil Rights went well. The schedule for the program review went very well. Principals took the time to walk the DESE representative through each building and highlight the programs and what was being observed. Each of you took the time to welcome DESE into the building and you prepared Burlington highlights for your interviews. I am expressing a sincere thank you and say that it is great to work in Burlington with you.


 Cath Estep

One thought on “Guest Post: Dr. Estep

  1. Patrick Larkin


    Thanks for your daily efforts in the areas of Special Education, ELL, and Civil Rights. It was an affirming process as we were able to share all of the programs that are in place in the BPS to ensure that each student has the same opportunity to access the curriculum and meet with success. Under your leadership, and thanks to our great teachers, our programs have made great strides. I am sure that the DESE will also recognize this.


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