Last Week’s Ice Storm

While last week’s storm missed Burlington, many of our faculty and staff had to deal with some difficult conditions.  I heard many stories of folks coming to work without power at home or staying with relatives and friends in order to be able to get to school.  Thank you for all of your efforts.  Andrea Canfield’s guest post says it all…

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to tell you why I haven’t been in for a few days; we haven’t had power since 9:30pm Thursday, 11th. Which also means we have no water (no city water in town). It’s been emotionally and physically draining, having to cart gallons and gallons of water (first by melting the ice in the yard, because we couldn’t get out) then going to the shelter for water, keeping the wood stoves going and tending to the mother in-law and now the daughter, and with one small battery operated radio to keep in touch with the outside world. Did I mention we just got our phone service back?

We have just been told we may get electricity on Christmas. 😦

The good news….We are hoping to get a generator that would run our water! I could take a shower and wash dishes without pots of water on the stove! (gas stove top).

The photos I am attaching are all from either the front of my house or 100 feet down the street.






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