Early Childhood Guest Blog

The Burlington Integrated Preschool Team hosted a Harvest Fair for their students at the BHS cafeteria on Wednesday, November 26.  The fair was the culmination of a Harvest unit that was written and implemented by the team.  All activities were hands-on, developmentally appropriate and aligned with the Massachusetts State Frameworks.

The Harvest Fair was the culmination of the unit and it gave students the opportunity to move through a variety of stations and practice skills learned during the unit.  Each activity focused on a specific skill.  “Harvest Vocabulary Bingo”  reinforced vocabulary learned.  At the “Make a Scarecrow” station, children labeled body parts and identified emotions while following multi-step directions.  “Needle in the Haystack”, a sensory activity, challenged children to search for traditional fall items (gourds, pumpkins, cranberries, leaves) that were hidden in the hay.  Children demonstrated one to one correspondence while constructing turkeys with toothpicks, grapes and marshmallows at the “Apple Turkeys” station.  Self-help skills were the focus of the “Cornucopia Snack” station where children washed their hands, set the table and prepared a snack.    At the “Harvest Obstacle Course” children worked on the development of fine an d gross motor skills by moving about on scooter boards while collecting and sorting objects of various sizes (cranberries, popcorn kernels, balls).




No harvest fair is complete without turkeys!  Children created turkeys with their footprints, feathers and googley eyes while following visual directions.
Judging by the giggling, laughing of smiling of the children as they moved through the stations, the Harvest Fair was a great success!  In addition to having fun, they had an opportunity to practice and reinforce new skills.
We extend a special thank you to the parent volunteers who manned the various stations and kept the traffic moving smoothly.  We would also like to thank BHS for allowing us to use the cafeteria.  Thanks to the Burlington Integrated Preschool Team for their hard work.

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