Burlington Schools from the Inside


Starting in December we will be trying something a little different.  We are planning to create a BCAT program of every school from the inside.  The first show will be through the eyes of each building’s principal.  We hope to add programs from the perspective of students and teachers as well.  Currently we have only completed filming at Burlington High School.

One reason for the programming is that there will be lots of public discussion this winter and spring regarding the construction of a new Memorial School.  While a new building is long overdue and critical to the overall success of our elementary program, a new facility is not nearly as important as the people who are on the inside working with children every day.  In other words, the BCAT series is to help us to keep the main thing the main thing.

Please provide us feedback on the programming.  We are thankful for all of the support from the Burlington community.  We look forward to showing off the wonderful people and programs that this support allows.  Look for the December debut of “BHS from the Inside.”  Thank you to Jen Dodge at BCAT for her expert editing.

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