Cindy Marchand Guest Post

Professional development occurred for all staff on November 4th.  Our goal was two fold. First, we attempted to be responsive to the teachers’ needs and desires as they sought to broaden their content base and to refine their skills. Secondly, our goal was to bring consistency to the system through clarity of expectations, program and instruction.  Please notice that our offerings on this day provided the deliberate opportunity for teachers in the high school and middle school to share student expectations. Embedded professional development and discussions regarding common practices and common assessments across the grades will bring consistency and serve children well as we seek to make transitions smooth, content uniform, and learning meaningful for students.


Many opportunities were provided for teacher sharing and extending September’s professional development day. This sharing enables teachers to communicate their experiences, questions, and challenges with each other, and explore new strategies to create stronger instructional paths.


By using an on-line tool, Survey Monkey, we will again assess our efficacy and teacher needs in order to refine our planning for the December Professional Development Day.


The agendas for elementary, middle, and high school are as follows:







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