Another Amazing Art Experience at Marshall Simonds

From my days as a seventh grade teacher and from what you are experiencing at home, I can tell you that middle schoolers are physically changing from week to week.  In fact, many of the structures and practices at Marshall Simonds are designed for just these changes.  As an example, Mr. Connors recently discussed the importance of teacher teams (see the MSMS blog – 

Many of my former middle school students felt awkward and uncomfortable as the body they thought they knew started to change on them.  Who is this person with the funny voice or looking back at me from the mirror?  I always thought it would be great for my former students to better understand that we all went through this difficult time and that we all emerge at the end in different proportions. 

Ms. Stoner’s art class at Marshall Simonds was a great art lesson, but was also was an excellent way for middle school students to reflect on the proportionality of the human form and to help them connect with what is happening to them. 

The unit starts with looking at the head as a unit of measure, moves to paper, then to wire, and eventually to a human form.



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