Press Release from Shawsheen Tech.

The following press release regards the situation at Shawsheen Tech on Friday.  In an email exchange with Charlie Lyons this morning, he indicated that Shawsheen has over 95% of their students in attendance today – a typical attendance rate.

There is always a dilemma in these situations as to how much information to share and what information to share.  We were aware of the lock-down, but not the details surrounding the lock-down.  Shawsheen’s thorough response and the impact on several Burlington bus routes evolved throughout the afternoon.  The bus company called us between 1:00 and 1:30 with a contingency plan if the buses were going to be held up significantly at Shawsheen.  The bus company did not have any specifics route delays identified at this time.  I realized that some parents were waiting for their children at the end of the day.  I apologize for any inconvenience that was caused.  If we had had more time and more facts, we would have notified parents.  The bus company informed us that all students were off the Burlington buses by 3:30 PM.

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School and Billerica Police Department Press Release

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jointly by Billerica Chief of Police Dan Rosa and Superintendent/Director Charles Lyons


We want first to thank teachers, parents and students for their cooperation during last Friday’s lock down at Shawsheen Valley Technical Regional High School. 


The incident resulted from information gained as a result of an investigation by Wilmington and Billerica Police that a housebreak had occurred in Wilmington where a number of firearms had been stolen.  During the investigation it became apparent that some Wilmington students who attend Shawsheen were involved.  Due to this information, it was determined necessary to conduct a lock down and controlled exit as a precautionary measure. 


Local police recovered the stolen weapons in possession of the students.  No weapons or ammunition were found on school grounds.  Safety sweeps were conducted after students were dismissed on Friday and through the weekend.  Students identified by police who were involved with this housebreak will not be in attendance when school returns to normal on Monday morning.


Over the weekend, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School administrators and law enforcements officials from Billerica and Wilmington met to ensure that reasonable safety precautions were taken.  Although students may notice an increased security presence on Monday morning, we anticipate a normal school day.


The school district fully appreciates the cooperation received from all law enforcement officials, school district employees, parents and students.


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