“Friday Night Lights”

It was great to be a spectator at the opening game on Friday Night.  Even in the rain, the support from the community, parents, students, administrators, teachers, and a teacher’s dog was incredible.

Red Devil Pride

Alan McRae and Benny

I was proud at all of the athletes, cheerleaders, and marching band members.  There was great talent on display.  Clearly, Burlington’s greatest resource is its children. 

In contrast to being impressed with the Burlington talent, I was also thinking that the facilities need to better reflect the quality of student competing, cheering, and performing.  It is not that the stadium is not well maintained.  In fact, it is in exceptional shape for a facility of it age and design.  There comes a time when no amount of upkeep can alter the effects of time and use.  The words, “lipstick on a pig,” were going through my head, but they have been overused and misunderstood of late… 

Instead I was imagining a turf field, new bleachers, and facilities that would help make an already proud community even more proud. A new facility would allow more of our students and teams to play and perform in front of large crowds under the lights.  As currently designed, the grass can only take so much use so play needs to be limited.  A rainy night like Friday can really take a toll on the grass.  Many of our neighboring towns have already moved ahead with new turf and stadiums.  We will certainly be talking about this challenge and other facilities updates that we need in the near future.

Arlington High School Stadium

Arlington High School Stadium

Burlington Marching Band on Arlington's Turf Field

Burlington's Band on Arlington's Turf

3 thoughts on ““Friday Night Lights”

  1. William P. Conners

    Congratulations to Burlington’s new superintendent! The creation of a blog is another step forward in communication with the community, and shows a continuing commitment to using technology.

    Best wishes from a former Burlington superintendent who maintains his love for the district.

    Bill Conners

  2. Lauren Woods

    I agree with Lucas. Wildwood should most definitely be turned into an entire turf complex. That would solve all the school’s problems!!!!


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