Family Pride

My younger brother Chris makes his living as a writer.  He is one of the few people who can support his family in such a challenging profession.  The intriguing thing about Chris’s career is that he writes jokes.  Chris writes for Hallmark – yes, the Hallmark of Hallmark Cards.  Chris has primarily written for two card lines – Fresh Ink and Shoebox. 

My favorite cards are his rejects.  In other words, the writing the public never gets to see.  There was one rejected card that stated on the cover, “I once touched and Iguana.”  On the inside of the card, Chris wrote, “It felt like chicken.”  In addition to card writing, Chris spends lots of time spinning off headlines.  His work and the work of other writers he works with can be seen on their Shoebox blog.

Chris would welcome the chance to communicate with high school students who are thinking about careers as writers.  I would find it interesting if the MCAS Writing Test asked for punch lines instead of expository essays.  Please let me know and I will put you in touch with him or you can always reach him through the Shoebox Blog.  Make sure to mention that you are from Burlington.  The blog is written tastefully, but may not be appropriate for all students.  Parents need to make this choice.  My purpose for sharing this information is to share that writing can be creative and fun.  Also, I do not read the blog as having a political slant.  I think the writers poke fun at everyone equally.  As always, your feedback is welcome.

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