New Bathrooms at Marshall Simonds

While there were building projects happening all over the district this summer, significant effort and expense went into rennovating the bathrooms at Marshall Simonds Middle School. Dick Connors, Principal, commented that the middle school students, “will be very impressed with these great additions to their learning environment.”

New Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Tiles

Clean buildings are a critical component of student learning. I can’t thank our custodial crews and maintenance contractors enough for the work that they accomplish.

New Fixtures

New Fixtures

More New Fixtures

More New Fixtures

New Partitions

New Partitions

One thought on “New Bathrooms at Marshall Simonds

  1. Bev

    One of the strong points of experiential education at MSMS is that the students always see a clean corridor and bathroom. Litter is continually being picked up by everyone, following the example of the principal, who is oten seen bending over to snatch some trash and throw it away. I’m happy that there are new facilities and I know that the culture of the school will encourage and expect students to respect their educational environment.


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