Administrative Advance Summary and Agenda

Administrative Advance Summary

I can tell the school year is almost upon us because of all of the “Back to School” sales advertisements and that the district’s leadership team had their two-day meeting. In Burlington this team is called the Administrative Council. The members include central office staff, principals, food service, the before and after school program, preschool, testing, athletics, and high school guidance. Typically, there is a two-day retreat prior to the start of each school year to finalize preparations for the start of the year and to re-affirm (or in my case establish) priorities for the year. A former boss called these meetings “advances” instead of “retreats” because he always wanted the organization to move forward. I still have this habit which is why I still refer to the two-day “retreat” as an “advance”…

Connected to this brief explanation is the agenda for the two days. On day one we spent a good amount of time beginning to develop a common language. I discussed some of my early observations of Burlington. We agreed that the school district that focuses on ten things focuses on nothing. Because of this consensus, we agreed that we will be concentrating on three things; instruction, technology, and communication. Essentially, we will be attempting to increase our capacity in each area. In a future blog I will explain our conversation and resulting shared definition of capacity. I will also be expanding on each area of focus – instruction, technology, and communication.

Our second day conversations were centered on establishing a common district and school improvement plan process and on logistics. We are planning on making the district improvement plan and school improvement plans more aligned and more useful. The school committee will be contributing and adopting the district improvement plan sometime this fall. Look for more specifics at this time.

Thank you.

Burlington Public Schools

Leadership Team Meeting

August 13th and 14th

August 13th – Location, Burlington School Committee Room, 8:00 AM

a. Wednesday – Capacity Conversation/Developing a Shared Vision of Quality Instruction

i. Affinity Exercise: “What makes a great school district?”

1. Knowledge and Skills

2. Student Outcomes – Internal and External

3. Empowering Conditions

ii. Entry Plan

1. Instruction

a. What do we expect students to know and be able to do?

b. How do we know?

c. What do we do for students who are behind or ahead of these expectations?

2. Technology

a. Where are we going?

3. Communication

a. Logistics

b. Daniel Pink’s, A Whole New Mind

c. Student Management System

d. District Policy Manual

August 14th – Location, Endicott College, 8:30 AM

b.Thursday – District Improvement Plan/School Improvement Plans

i. FY2010 Budget

ii. NEASC for the District and All Schools

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